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BuffaloCrete Construct Ltd. Introducing

Johnny Power Wheel Barrows, Carts and Wagons.

Johnny Power Wheelbarrows by BuffaloCrete are designed for professionals who use them on an everyday basis in the construction, concrete, masonry, and landscaping industries as well as personal haulage of goods at the market or any other places. Whether the user is hauling concrete or goods at the market, the Johnny Power wheelbarrows will last longer than competing models and won’t weigh them down on the job! They are designed to do the bulk of the work saving you so much energy, no wonder they are termed 'easy life'.

They are sturdy, strong, durable, balanced, easy to lift and push.

Johnny Power Wheelbarrows by BuffaloCrete is the first wheel barrow in the Nigerian market to have full double Chassis which makes the wheel barrow extra strong, well balanced and easy to lift and push.

Advantages of Johnny Power Wheelbarrows:
Thicker materials
Double Chassis
Extra strong
Easy Lift and push
Excellent balance
Different designs and applications
Well paint coated

Types of Wheel barrows and applications

High Jack: This design is compact and easy to maneuver even in small spaces. Though versatile, it can serve well those in the building, concrete and construction industry as well as haulage of goods at the market. Volume: 55 Litres.

Long John: This is long, relatively narrow and has more surface area that high Jack, and while still versatile, is good for use by those that display their wares in the markets and on the streets. It has more surface area to contain more good while still allowing users to easily negotiate their way and maneuver well in tight spaces on busy streets and markets. Volume: 65L

Bi-Wheeler: This is broad, low and uses double wheels. It can be used for different works but applys really well in Land Scaping industries and the movement of heavy or delicate goods that don't require much height while in motion. It is low, balanced and easy to load with goods and will never fall over. Volume: 80 Litres.

Big John: This design is tall and contains big bucket. It uses two big wheels for extra balance and ease of push. This can work in many sectors but applys really well in concrete, building and construction industries where it serves excellently in the movement and holding of large volume of aggregates, concrete, mortar etc. It serves well also in the metal and fabrication industries where they are used to move metal pieces, ignots, scraps etc

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