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The Advantages of Interlocking Self-aligning concrete blocks. AKA 'Lock 'n' Align' Concrete Blocks

We discovered that the conventional concrete blocks, while they try to serve are not efficient but waste a lot of resources; your time, effort, materials and money.

The Lock 'n' Align concrete blocks have been designed to correct these anomalies, thus saving as much as 50% to 70% of the cost of walling in a building project. The efficiency of the Lock 'n' Align blocks is easy to understand because the benefits are so striking and visible as are discussed below.

Interlocks and Self-aligns.
Speeds up the block laying process and saves time.
Cheaper to lay.
Hardly allow errors in block laying.
Automatically Maintains straight level in laying the blocks.
Windows and doors are automatically maintained on a straight line if chosen so.
Saves the cost of woods and form-work for Lintels and columns.
Allow optimal usage of Labour.

Does not necessarily need a skilled worker, an experienced Mason or Bricklayer beyond the first course
Saves mortar.
Comes in a variety of shapes and designs such as Stretcher blocks, Half blocks, Corner blocks, Column blocks, Bond beam blocks, Lintel blocks, etc
Gives a very even, smooth, and flat surface.
Does not require plastering.
Comes in beautiful colors and does not require painting

TIME-SAVING: Lock 'n' Align Concrete Blocks save the time of setting a wall by as much as 70% to 80% because of their interlocking and self-aligning nature. The Mason does not need range and leveling instruments in setting the blocks beyond the first course. He uses less and slurry mortar which he applies to the top and sides of the blocks and quickly pushes to key in the bottom to top and the side to side grooves hence does not allow for errors and time-wasting resulting from correcting mistakes. This speeds up the work and will allow a bricklayer and just laborers to lay upward of 500 blocks against just 100 blocks if laying the conventional blocks.
LABOUR SAVING: The Lock 'n' Align Concrete Blocks save as much as 40% to 50% of the effort required from a bricklayer in laying conventional blocks because they lock and align and do not give much room for errors and mistakes which normally result in doing a particular work all over again. They use less mortar and come in different shapes and designs that complement each other such as Stretcher blocks, Half blocks, Corner blocks, Lintel Blocks, Column Blocks, Bond beam blocks, etc, thus making it easier for the bricklayer to quickly lay his hand on a particular type of block required for a particular point rather than cutting, breaking, forcing a block and mortar applying to get the desired result.

MATERIALS AND MONEY SAVING: The blocks interlock and self-align making the block laying super fast. This will lower the cost of laying of the blocks because you don't need 10 bricklayers and 10 laborers to lay 1000 blocks at the rate of 100 blocks per bricklayer and his server per day which normally is the workload expected from a bricklayer to earn his day pay, rather with just about two bricklayers and three labourers more that 1000 blocks can be laid in one day, thus enabling 5 men to do more work, faster, cheaper and more efficiently than 20 men. Remember, the day-pay of 5 men is infinitely lower than that of 20 men. The quantity of mortar used is also drastically reduced by as much as 80% to 85%, saving so much money in the project.
Painting cost-saving: The Lock 'n' Align Concrete Blocks save so much money in painting because they make painting unnecessary. The blocks come in beautiful colors and these colors are embedded in the blocks during mixing and molding and are fast and so can never wash away. One only needs to wash one's wall after some years and they will look new again.

FURTHER COST SAVING: Save the cost of carpentry, woods, and form-work: With the use of Lintel and Column blocks, woods and form-works are reduced to the barest minimum or even outrightly discarded because Lintel and Column blocks serve as the form works into which the rebar is fitted and concrete is poured, thus saving the money normally used to buy materials and pay the carpenter for form-works.
EASIER LAYING PROCESS: The Lock'n'Align Concrete Blocks are easier to lay and so do not necessarily need a skilled worker, an experienced Mason or Bricklayer to set the blocks beyond the first course because just any semi-skilled worker or laborer can handle the laying well once he has been shown how it is done.

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